FOSD 2019 Meeting

March 12 - 15, 2019, Weimar


The FOSD meeting is a yearly informal meeting to bring together researchers working on feature-oriented software development. This includes product lines, software variability, configuration management, software architecture and more.

The meeting has its roots 10 years ago, aiming to bring several research groups with common interests closer together, and has successfully been expanded and repeated 10 times with 20 to 50 each. It has established countless collaborations since; for examples please refer to FOSD 2018 Meeting in Gothenburg and FOSD 2017 Meeting in Darmstadt.

The format of the FOSD meeting consists of short presentations from each participant with plenty of time for discussion. Young researchers (graduate and undergraduate students), as well as more senior community members, present their research, provide and get feedback from others, engage into discussions and establish new collaborations. FOSD is a place for discussion, not a publication venue. Participants can present previously published work as well as unpublished work, including early ideas and work in progress. The key is to encourage discussions, receive feedback and create a network for new collaboration.

Every year there is an informal competition, the FOSD Cool Wall (see, where everyone votes for the coolest name of a tool that has been presented during the meeting.

The FOSD 2019 meeting will take place in Weimar, Germany from March 12 (morning) until March 15 (lunch). Every participant will have the chance to present her/his research ideas, which can range from visionary to already evaluated. Every topic around FOSD that stimulates discussion is welcome. We will provide space and time for further discussions, including social events.

The deadline for the abstract is Dec 15, 2018. FOSD does not require any paper submission and does not have proceedings, although we do expect an abstract about the research that is to be presented and an e-mail address of the participant. Owing to space restrictions, we may have to select participants, but we will send notifications shortly after the abstract deadline. If you need more lead time for visa application or travel planning, reach out to us.


This year, each participant is allocated a slot of 25 minutes. Please prepare slides that do not require more than 13 minutes of presentation such that we have at least half of the slot for discussions. The 13min time limit will be enforced strictly.


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last year's participants

Location & Travel Information

The FOSD 2019 Meeting will take place at the Leonardo Hotel Weimar, Germany. Accomodation has been arranged for all participants at the same venue.

Leonardo Hotel Weimar
accomodation and meeting venue

Belvederer Allee 25
99425 Weimar, Germany

website maps
Gründerwerkstatt neudeli
start-up studio - leisure time area

Helmholtzstraße 15
99425 Weimar, Germany


We expect a flat registration fee that covers your hotel accommodation, meals, and social events for the 4-day event at cost.

Arrival by Rail

Exit the train station and walk to the bus stop across the street. Take Bus 1, paying the 2€ fare when you get on, and exit at Schopenhauerstraße. You will find the Hotel on your right 100m further down the street.

Arrival by Air

As there is no airport in Weimar, we recommend you book a flight to one of the airports below and find a connection by either train or bus.

Leipzig/Halle Airport has regular flights to several major European cities. Arriving here, you can take the train to Weimar; depending on the actual route, you will need to change 1-2 times and pay 26 - 42€.

For non-european arrivals, Frankfurt airport may be a better choice. Train connections to Weimar take 3-4h and require 1 -2 changes. Tickets are priced at ~30€ if you book early and commit on a time, and 66€ otherwise.

Keynote Speakers

photo Prof. Dr. Benno Stein
Prof. Dr. Benno Stein
Chair of Web Technology and Information Systems
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

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The meeting will run from 9am March 12 (morning) until lunchtime March 15; however, the overall schedule is not final, yet. We will release the exact presentation order at the workshop itself.

VISA Information

If you are a non-EU citizen, please find if you need a VISA for entering Germany. A list of countries for which VISA requirement has been abolished may be found in this table.

Further information is provided on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. Please contact Norbert should you require an invitation letter.


For abstract submission, please send an e-mail with abstract (text only, half page max, no attachment) to Max Weber
For further questions, please refer to Max Weber, as well.


Sven Apel University of Passau
Christian Kästner Carnegie Mellon University
Norbert Siegmund Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Max Weber Bauhaus-Universität Weimar